Home Visits - Care, Walk, Playtime & More

This service is completely customizable. You determine how many visits I make to your home per day. Most visits include LOTS of TLC, fresh water, food/snacks, administer meds, a walk, or playtime. FUN

$$$ Price is per visit/per day $20 first visit, $15 each additional visit

Pet Sitting Services - 

The idea is for the pet/s to undergo as little stress as is possible while you are away, therefore the closer I can replicate life when you are home the better. My motto is: Keep'em safe & happy!

$$$ Per day/per pet - $35 - Ask about special discounts for Multiple pets & More


People Services & Discounts

*Pick up/Drop off Key *Bring in Mail/Paper/Packages *Water Plants/Garden/Yard *Turn On/Off Light *Rotate Lights *Take out Trash **Discount on First Visit, Multiple Pets, & MORE! 

$$$ Never an extra charge for services performed during 30min Home Visit
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