My Mom is a Petsitter...
Diary of a petsitter's dog... Rough or Ruff? ?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 02:11 am | No Comments »

Hello World! Welcome! My name is Sir Dallas, Star of Colorado, but, you can call me Dallas. I am a 12 year old, male, Wire Fox Terrier.  Please, hold your applause. I am the most down to earth Wire Fox you have ever met. (Although, I do understand the amazingness of my breed!)

I am a native of Colorado, living in Thornton my entire life. Along wiht dozens of tricks, I was trained to be humble. Difficult as that may be at times, I have to be of this mind-set, my Mom is a pet sitter!! I was raised to believe that not only ALL dogs are equal but, ALL pets are equal.

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself, as we will be spending lots of time together if all goes well. I plan on sharing as much as I can about my Mom, her business, and how that effects me. I really enjoy talking about myself in great detail. (I am also a great listener!) Thank you for visiting. Have a doggone good day! 

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