Kim - Sitter/Owner

Kim has been taking care of/training pets unofficially for decades. After seeing video footage on the news, about pet sitters who were not taking care of the pets they were entrusted with, Family Pet sitters was born. We are, quite literally, a FAMILY of PET SITTERS.

Bailey - Sitter

Daughter to owner, Kim. Bailey was born to be a Pet Sitter. Growing up with pets of her own, and helping care for numerous other animals her entire life. Bailey has a special ability to calm and soothe any kind of animal. Bailey is in charge of administering all medications. She is also knowledgeable, well able, and drawn to exotics

Chris - Sitter

Chris married in to this animal lovers dream family. What a perfect fit for us. He is great with all of our clients and animals. Chris works hard to ensure the safety of each pet, and our Pet Sitters, Any of our clients that prefer to have a male sitter, Chris is their guy!


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